Ludmila S. Bakshi

Institute of Contemporary Art, Russian Federation


Krymchaks are one of the small indigenous peoples of the Crimea. 80 % of the ethnic group was wiped out during the Second World War. Total number of the ethnos is about 1000 to 2000 people around the world. Several hundred Krymchaks live in the Crimea. There are still no unambiguous answers on the origin, history and ethnicity of Krymchaks. The article is about the history, ethnocultural ethnolanguage shift of Krymchaks, exactly about folklore, its specificity and performers. Krymchak folklore is still poorely investigated. The paper is based on the materials from the aurthor’s personal archive.

Keywords: Crimea, Krymchaks, language shift, krymсhak’s songs, authentic performers,crymchak’s musical folklore, collection of krymchak’s songs, Victor Lombroso, Mikhail Lombroso, Evseys Peisach, David Rebi, Esfir Levi, Seraphima Lombroso, Mikhail Hafuz, Isaac Kai, Boris Achkinazi

For citation: Bakshi L.S. Krymchak’s folklore in language shift context. Sociolinguistics, 2020, no. 2(2) [online], pp. 67-82 (In Russ.)

DOI: 10.37892/2713-2951-2020-2-2-67-82