Dear colleagues!

We invite you to participate in No. 5, 2021 of the scientific peer-reviewed journal Sociolinguistics (the expected date of publication: April-May 2021). The theme of the issue is “Mongolian Languages in the Sociolinguistic Aspect”. The special issue editors: Galina A. Dyrkheeva, Doctor of Philology, Chief Researcher (Institute of Mongolian, Buddhist and Tibetan Studies of the Siberian Branch of the RAS), Erzhen V. Khilkhanova, Doctor of Philology, Senior Researcher (Research Center for Ethnic and Language Relations, Institute of Linguistics of the RAS).

The Mongolian languages, both on the territory of Russia and abroad, have constantly been the object of interest of sociolinguists and specialists in related disciplines. Nevertheless, recent years have been characterized by dramatic changes in geopolitics, economics, science and in many other areas, which could not but affect the language situation in the Mongol-speaking areas of the world, language contacts between Mongolian and neighboring languages, language policy, methods of sociolinguistic research.

Modern sociolinguistics is characterized by a rethinking of key sociolinguistic concepts and terms and the emergence of new metaconcepts (e.g., translanguaging) and topics (linguistic ideologies, urban multilingualism, commodification of languages etc.), interest in micro-level research and in ethnographic approach to language processes, strengthening interdisciplinarity in approaches and methods. At the same time, traditional sociolinguistic topics such as social differentiation of the language, social aspects of verbal communication, standardization issues do not lose their relevance or acquire new perspectives.

In this regard, the proposed list of topics for scientific discussion includes both “traditional” and new topics. In addition to the above, we welcome manuscripts devoted to the study of the following issues:

• Features of language situations in the Mongolian regions of the world in diachronic and synchronous aspects

• Mongolian languages in contact with other languages

• Mongolian languages in a migration context

• Mongolian languages in the digital age

• Mongolian Studies and new methods of sociolinguistic research

• Studies of linguistic landscapes and linguistic ideologies in modern Mongolian Studies

The call for papers addresses not only linguists, but also specialists from related fields of science: sociologists, educators, psychologists, historians, cultural anthropologists, etc.

The articles should be submitted according to the journal rules (see The deadline for submissions: December 1, 2020. Email for submissions:

The volume of the article can be no more than 40 thousand characters with spaces, in Russian or English. The texts may be accompanied by illustrations in JPG format. The use of other people’s materials must be agreed with the authors and copyright holders.

For more detailed information on the rules for the authors, please see . For any questions regarding publication in issue 5, you can contact us at:

In case of a large number of submissions for No. 5, the editorial board may consider other options for publishing peer-reviewed manuscripts.