Rules for articles submission

1. Materials for the publication in the journal (articles, reviews, conference chronicle, etc.) should be sent to

2. The original paper should be sent to the editorial office indicating the proposed section.

  • -The title of the article, abstract and keywords are to be submitted in Russian and English.
  • The name of the author is indicated on the first page before the title of the article.
  • The maximum volume of an article is one copyright sheet (40,000 printed characters with spaces).
  • The rules adopted in the journal should be observed in the page layout.

The literature referred to in the text is given at the end of the article in the alphabetical order, i.e. first in Russian, then in foreign languages; works by one author are given in chronological order, starting with the earlier ones. The list of references is numbered. Surname and initials of the author are in italics. The journal uses a brief bibliographic description without specifying the publisher and the number of pages. The following output is required:

1. for books – surname, initials of the author, full name of the book, city and year of publication.

2. for articles – the surname, initials of the author, the full name of the article, the name of the collected volume, book, newspaper, journal where the article is published, city (for books), year and number (for newspapers, journals).

  • The layout of the list of references in the form of footnotes and notes is not allowed.
  • References in the text are given in square brackets after direct or indirect quotation. Between the numbers denoting the source numbers in the list of references, a semicolon is placed.
  • The article must be carefully proofread and submitted without typos.

3. manuscript includes:

  • information about the author (surname, name, patronymic, academic degree, rank, place of work, position, home address, post office index, phone number, e-mail address);
  • special fonts, if used in the article. Fonts should be attached in separate files. The editors have the right to demand the replacement of fonts that are too complex for layout with transcription in Cyrillic or Latin.

4. Graduate students and applicants must submit a review of the supervisor.